Course Includes...

  • Daily Movement

    Each daily movement practice is designed to be done at-home with no equipment necessary. All workouts are 20 minutes or less. Enjoy the time together as couples or families.

  • Daily Reflection

    Completely re-think nutrition with daily reflections that get at how and why we eat the way we do. Then, using that awareness, begin making changes that are meaningful to you and your family!

  • Daily Breath

    Breath is the one thing that connects body to mind and spirit. Using our invigorating, calming, and centering breath practices will completely change the game.

Also Get...

  • Personal Journals

    This program is designed for couples. Each course subscription comes with two journals that will become your personalized road map to success.

  • Social Support

    Course subscribers are welcomed into our private Facebook community where triumphs, challenges, and support are shared.

  • Mentorship

    Jake and Cole provide mentorship via course discussion platform and Facebook community page.