Course Includes

  • Daily Movement Practice

    All workouts are 20 minutes or less, no equipment required, at-home workouts. Total body workouts that build strength and capacity.

  • Daily Reflection

    Completely change your eating philosophy with daily reflections to understand how and why we eat the way we do. Then use that awareness to build meaningful change in your real life.

  • Daily Breath Practice

    Breath is the one thing that connects body to mind and spirit. Learn breath practices that balance, calm, invigorate and connect us to our true self.

Also Included...

  • Personal Journal

    Two journals will arrive at your doorstep and become your personal road map to success. Daily reflections and prompts will lead the way.

  • Social Community

    Access to our private Facebook community to find support, troubleshoot challenges, and share experiences.

  • Mentorship

    Support from Jake and Cole via course discussion platform and Facebook community.